Patient and Family Support During the ICU Stay


Chronic Critical Illness 
Information about the causes of chronic critical illness, available treatments, and recovery

Taking Care of Yourself
Steps for taking care of yourself while a family member is in the ICU

Medication Information
Information about medications a patient may receive while in the ICU

Life Support Choices
A guide to understanding types of life support and end-of-life care offered in the ICU

Making Decisions
Steps for sharing the decision-making process among family and care team members

After Leaving the ICU
Information about what to expect following discharge

Participating in Care
How you can help when your family member is in the ICU

Why Patients LooK That Way 
A guide to understanding how a patient looks and acts in the ICU

Post-intensive Care Syndrome
Post-intensive care syndrome, or PICS, is made up of health problems that remain after critical illness.

Brain Death
Help for families who have been told a family member or loved one has experienced brain death

Answers to what sepsis is and how it is treated in the ICU

Pediatric Patients:
What to Expect

A guide to understanding what the PICU is and why the care team feels it is the best place for your child at this time

Pediatric patients: Palliative Care
A guide to how palliative care can improve your child's quality of life and reduce your child's discomfort